Research trip, round two

Research trip for our documentary in Southeastern Europe
Sarajevo, June 2015
„Work were others holiday“ describes our research trip pretty well which we took all over the Balkans in June.

During several weeks we drove from Zagreb to Tirana, crossed 6 countries on our way, conquered windy mountain peaks and grassy valleys, talked in many languages, listened to amazing stories, drank strong
and extra strong beverages, met wonderful people and occasionally happened to find ourselves inside an overheated garment factory – which made sense considering that this was the mission of our research.

We had already been doing research in several countries for our documentary about garment workers in Eastern Europe earlier in 2014. This second trip was aimed to expand the geographic region as well as the group of protagonists.

Successfully! By the and of the journey we had filled notebooks and storage media, gained experiences, obtained knowledge, made valuable connections and looked a whole lot more suntanned.