Who we are

3.Etage Filmproduktion has been a strong partner for producing advertisements and image films, documentaries and theatre, music and art film for nearly 10 years.

Every project is unique to us and we will treat each of them individually and inventively.
Therefor we work internationally, with a high demand for quality and with many partners.

3.Etage Filmproduktion are Susanne Hörenz and Frank Beitlich together with a large team of experienced film specialists.

Where to find us

3.Etage Filmproduktion GbR

Bischofsweg 72

01099 Dresden

Chicks in 4k

Filming for Australian artist Helen Pynor




Chicken by Helen Pynor
At the first weekend in August we found ourselves in yet another unusual shooting location – a chicken farm near Dresden. For the new project of Helen Pynor, we filmed chicks. Actual real chicks.... read more

Research trip, round two

Research trip for our documentary in Southeastern Europe




Sarajevo, June 2015
„Work were others holiday“ describes our research trip pretty well which we took all over the Balkans in June. During several weeks we drove from Zagreb to Tirana, crossed 6 countries on our... read more